Happy New Year Everyone!

We are less than an hour away from 2009.  I hope this new year is a good one to everyone.


Right, yet so very wrong

So how can you be right, yet still very wrong?  Well I sure did manage to do that this week.

I had a situation recently where I needed to approach someone to correct a problem.  In spite of my frustrations with the situation, I remained very civil in all the communications…

So right

I escalated to the supervisor of this person in a civil manner when this was not getting resolved.  I just explained the situation…

So right

Until the last communication when I wrote “I expect this to be corrected!”

So wrong, very wrong

Yup – I demanded because all logic and reason was failing.  I was frustrated that this person was not “getting it.”

So in spite of being right (my reasons, logic, and approach), I became very wrong when I started demanding.

I am still learning.

Chaos enroute to an alarm

Saturday I was listening to my radio when I heard “Emergency traffic, Emergency traffic!” come over it.  Of course that caused my ears to perk up.  Then I heard, “Emergency traffic, squad 37 has just been involved in an injury accident just south of the station.”  Immediately I jumped up… It was close and likely to be good friends who were involved.  So I tore out of the house and took off in my car to help out.  Continue reading

Homeschooling – funny style :)

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Modern Worship Music?

GodTube.com – Tim Hawkins Corporate Worship Tunes

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Losing a friend

To my oldest son…  death is such a tough concept at any age, but I think it is even tougher when it comes to a close friend, one who was so young.  Time won’t make it easier, just more numb.  Take comfort in knowing that your friend knew the Lord.  I know that won’t make it easier… right now.

Find comfort and be a comfort to your friends – they are suffering too.  Your mom and I will be here for you.  If you need to talk, cry, yell, whatever, come to us.

You will question so much including God – that is natural.  God is able to handle your questions, even your anger.   He loves you too much to respond to you in anger.  But in the end know that He is God and turn to Him for your full comfort.

Happy Birthday QP!

That’s right, someone is 1 year older today although I dare not say how old that might be.  To the mother of my children, the maker of my supper, cleaner of the house (ok, I’m being silly now), my best friend, and the lover of my life – have a wonderful and blessed birthday.